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Pramaggiore (VE) – Italy
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Kitchen collection Maxima 2.2

Looking for home kitchen furniture that meets all the rules of ergonomics and functionality? The Maxima 2.2 collection by Cesar, the best Italian manufacturer of luxury designer furniture, is just what you need. The engineering and ergonomic superiority of the Maxima 2.2 kitchen is the instrumental basis for exquisite culinary creativity.

Cesar’s Italian cuisines, with all their looks, create an atmosphere of comfort and encourage creative imagination, turning everyday household chores into a real pleasure.

The priority area of ​​our factory was the production of modular kitchens, kitchen furniture, and dining sets. Developers of Cesar’s original style and ergonomic solutions seamlessly sprout from the best traditions of Italian furniture craftsmanship. Own innovative design and technological discoveries have made our kitchens a bright and fashionable event in the modern furniture world:

  • use of high-quality fittings;
  • the use of environmentally friendly materials for decoration;
  • A variety of color and design solutions provide the Maxima2 kitchen with consistent popularity.

Cesar hall widely uses chrome and steel surfaces, tempered glass, varnish and other unusual and high-quality materials. Thanks to this, our kitchens surprisingly stylish and original bring positive and create a creative atmosphere in any kitchen area, absolutely diverse layout.

The company’s own unique handwriting is an inextricable unity of innovation and original aesthetics. The tendency of the factory to bright, stunning ideas in the design of the kitchen leads to a wonderful effect of the ongoing holiday. Cesar hall furniture is an atmosphere of friendliness and hospitality.

A successful development of the company and the brand as a whole is based on flexibility, a wide range of services and attentiveness to customers. The production and sale of our kitchens are constantly growing thanks to the professional team of specialists and the dedication of the founders of the company.

Cesar’s home kitchen furniture is exquisite minimalism. The combination of such components as qualifications and experience, talent and passion of each employee of the company, from the master to the designer, from the collector to the administrator, allows us to say that Cesar creates high-quality furniture for every taste and budget.

Modernity and functionality, the elegance of each line, sophisticated silhouettes, the perfection of every detail — this is what you get when buying the Cesar Maxima 2.2 collection.