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Kitchen Collection N_elle

Small kitchens have characteristics that are different from almost all existing kitchen styles. In most cases, their small size is the result of house architecture. A small kitchen is usually not chosen voluntarily, but it is a built-in feature of the finished living space and the goal is to make the most of its small area.

For this reason, there is a growing demand for integrated kitchens for small homes. And in order to somehow help the connoisseurs of true Italian luxury and quality solve this problem, our talented designers created the N_elle Cesar collection, which is able to organize a functional, practical workspace in the kitchen with only a couple of square meters.

N_elle Cesar hall — functional and ergonomic kitchen furniture
Small, modern kitchens are easier to find. After all, household appliances and furniture of a new generation, designed to organize space, are characteristic elements of a fashionable modern style. The N_elle kitchen is ergonomic and comfortable and allows you to perform all kinds of culinary processes in a very small space.

What is the specialty of the N_elle kitchenette?

In order to equip a small space of the kitchen zone with ease and comfort, we suggest you buy furniture from the N_elle Cesar collection, which will help you organize everything correctly on just a couple of square meters, while it will look stylish and fit perfectly into any existing interior design. The main thing is to study the issue correctly.

Small kitchens with wooden decorations and surfaces are ideal for any interior solution — from classic to loft.
In small kitchens, the choice of light is one of the most important aspects to avoid visual distortion of the size of furniture for the whole house.
If you are planning a complete modernization, do not limit yourself to the current layout of your kitchen. The key to making your small kitchen look bigger is to create an efficient, smart space with maximum storage: high floor-to-ceiling cabinets provide you with optimal storage space and a long open countertop provides a free work surface.
Open shelving will add interest to the design of the room and become a stylish way to add extra space if you are not interested in using tall cabinets.
When it comes to choosing the doors of your closet, the design without handles and gloss will make the room streamlined and more spacious as it reflects light.
Furniture for the dining room and kitchen of the Cesar collection N_elle is the perfect combination of functionality and elegance, practicality and a stylish interior solution.