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Furniture Collections Cesar

The Italian factory Cesar dates back to the second half of the twentieth century, namely from 1969. Our company is very successful at home and abroad knows it well – in many countries of Europe and the world, our products are considered one of the most popular in their field. Cesar kitchen furniture meets the most stringent requirements for quality workmanship and design, so every year an increasing number of customers choose it.

Cesar Designer Furniture Factory can meet only the most talented and experienced employees. Here, they strive to think through every detail and provide the buyer with the final product, one hundred percent meeting all the requirements of reliability, safety, functionality:

  • eco-friendly and mostly natural materials (wood, metals, glass, stone, leather, laminate, etc.);
  • frequent use of handicrafts;
  • modern technology, without harming the environment — all this characterizes the company only on the positive side.

Cesar headsets will suit most customers to contribute to a wide range of models. A variety of styles (classical, neoclassical, modern), colors, sizes allow each client company or an ordinary consumer to choose the optimal solution that fully matches the particular kitchen space and the needs of the owner.

If you want to equip your kitchen so that it becomes one of the most stylish, comfortable and functional rooms in the house and not worry about your own safety, Cesar brand headsets are exactly what you need.

Italian cuisine series Cesar

In the company’s product catalog you will find only reliable products. Created using the best technology, attention to detail, our company headsets will last you for many years without losing their superior performance.

  1. The UNIT collection is the best choice if you are looking for a kitchen in a contemporary style. Minimalist kitchen cabinets, neutral color schemes, and metallic materials were the main elements that brought subtle elegance to this style of kitchen. Despite its laconicism and a certain stylistic orientation, this collection can be combined with other styles, such as traditional, transitional, even industrial. The bright color scheme of the additional furniture, in a bowl with fruits and vegetables or a vase of flowers, ensures that the modern kitchen design will look modest and warm.
  2. The N_ELLE collection — a compact kitchenette — is a great option for a small city apartment. Having a small space for the kitchen does not mean that you should sacrifice your amenities. In a small kitchen island, we were able to optimize all the necessary areas for a comfortable stay behind the work surface.
  3. MAXIMA2. — this is a bright representative of the kitchen in the modern style. Our designers were able to emphasize clean, open spaces and smooth lines, as well as artificial materials such as paint, plastic, stainless steel, laminate, glass combined with natural hardwood and marble.
  4. The ETOILE collection is a “rustic style” kitchen decorated with country style elements and theme elements. The general look of a farmhouse-style kitchen can vary from natural and organic rustic to more modern.
  5. Unlike minimalist or modern kitchens, the kitchen of the ETOILE collection is full of personal details: antique door handles, hand-painted elements, fine hand-carved wood.

The ELITE collection will easily immerse you in history and luxury. Looking for dark wood finishes with many details, open countertops and wardrobes? Then this collection is what you need. Add historical accessories and heavy fabrics and enjoy time travel in your own home.
Stylish furniture collections Cesar complex and bright design. She is able to create a pleasant atmosphere in the kitchen, both cozy and modern. Therefore, it is not surprising that the models of kitchen sets of our brand are so popular among buyers from around the world.

If you decide to recreate an amazing atmosphere in your kitchen, while not forgetting comfort and functionality, then you should consider buying luxury Cesar furniture.